The job of our heating and air conditioning repair technician is to determine the real cause of your heating or air conditioning failure and the parts or service required to bring your heating and air conditioning system to good, efficient working order. Replacing your system is not always need.

New Comfort specializes in all types of heating and air conditioning repairs and solving the problems you may have during a cold winter or hot summer.


Our New Comfort repair technician will make an overall assessment of your heating or air conditioner. We take into consideration many factors when solving the problems of your air conditioning system including:

  • System age

  • How clean is the condenser and furnace?

  • Is dirt causing premature part failure or wear?

  • Has extensive damage been done? Is the compressor operating within design parameters?

  • Or is it getting close to failure?

With an old heating or air conditioning system our repair technicians want to advise you properly, sometimes repair and cleaning work well, sometimes that ends up being a waste of your money. Evaluating your system and with experience we give you our opinion on the best route to take.


Heating systems inspections, maintenance, sales, equipment installation, warranties and service plans


Air Conditioning and cooling systems  inspections, maintenance, sales, equipment installation, warranties and service plans


Full line of Indoor Air Quality solutions, including every type of air filter, air cleaners, humidification control, fresh air ventilators and duct sealing


Energy-saving Green Solutions, including household energy-reduction products and green heating and cooling technology

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